miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

Niñas en Pijamas / Girls in Pajamas

ESPAÑOL: Una recopilación de niñas en sus ropas de dormir:
  • Georgina Georgopiolis, de la serie La Casa de los Dibujos, episodio "Monstruos y Griegos".
  • Chen, de la serie Cédric, episodio "Enfermo de Amor".
  • Stella, de la película Mamá ¡soy un pez!
  • Lea, de la serie Martin Martin, episodio "Martin se dedica a la danza". 
  • Zuzu Bailey, de la serie Padre de Familia, episodio "La esposa de Quagmire".
  • Una niña anónima de The Cleveland Show, episodio "Crazy Train".
  • Lily Hedgehog de la serie Los Misterios de Alfred Hedgehog, episodio "Los Misteriosos Puntos Rojos". 
  • Dora Winifred "D.W." Read, de la serie Arturo, episodio "Arthur's Underwear".
Muchas gracias a Erik y Thomas Mulligan por las referencias.

ENGLISH: A compilation of girls in their sleepwear:
  • Georgina Georgopiolis, from the show Drawn Together, episode "Freaks & Greeks". 
  • Chen, from the show Cédric, episode "Lovesick".
  • Stella, from the movie Help! I am a Fish (aka A Fish Tale). 
  • Lea, from the show Martin Martin, episode "Martin is dedicated to dance".
  • Zuzu Bailey, from the show Family Guy, episode "The Giggity Wife".
  • Anonymous girl from The Cleveland Show, episode "Crazy Train".
  • Lily Hedgehog, from The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, episode "The Mysterious Red Spots". 
  • Dora Winifred "D.W." Read, de la serie Arturo, episodio "Arthur's Underwear". 
Thanks a lot to Erik and Thomas Mulligan for the references.

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  1. can you make 10 girls swimsuits i like and I love aelita schaeffer, gwen Tennyson from ben 10 2 episodes like a small problem and divided we stand, Sonia from teen titans go, penny proud, kimi finster from all grown up, Trixie tang, lilo & nani pelekai, Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina the animated series, paulina from danny phantom and kat from Kenny the shark i want you look a any episodes and take it a screencaps for lot of it make a bigger all of it i love it ok =) please and thanks

    1. Dude, do you even read my responses to your comments? I already told you the Gwen Tennyson screenshots are in my old blog. I gave you links and everything.

      I will look for the other characters, I promise, but I have tons of requests and colaborations to post first.

      Please stop repeating the same comment over and over again. If you do it again I will start deleting your comments.

    2. Parece que se te coló un robot...

    3. Sí, pero voy a empezar a tomar medidas.

    4. then make a penny proud wearing swimsuit all episodes from the proud family then sabrina Spellman wearing swimsuits from Sabrina the animated series all episodes and now kat wearing swimsuit from Kenny the shark ok all bigger screencaps ok

  2. make a bigger sceencaps like cindy and libby wearing swimsuit at from jimmy neutron episode beach party mummy instead