jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016

Madre Anónima / Anonymous Mother

ESPAÑOL: Una madre anónima tapada sólo por la cobija mientras amamanta a su bebé.
Captura sacada de la mini-serie colombiana Guía de Eduación Sexual La Sirenita, del capítulo 2. 

ENGLISH: An anonymous woman breastfeeding her baby while covered just by a blanket, for some reason.
Screenshot from a Colombian mini-series called Guía de Eduación Sexual La Sirenita (Sexual Education Guide The Litle Mermaid), from the chapter 2.

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  1. Not asking you Edward, but can anybody name as many short films that have bikinis as they can?

    1. Sigh...

      Here are some shorts with bikinis:

      The "Hijack" music video from Tyga.

      The "Fantasy" music video from Dye.

      The short "Switch" from Tyson Heese.

      Several of the clasic Orangina and Confused.com commercials hve girls in bikinis, too.