viernes, 14 de julio de 2017


ESPAÑOL: Unas tomas de la película Guardianes de Oz, donde Gabby parece no tener ropa interior bajo su vestido (debio a un error de animación).
Gracias al colaborador anónimo por las imágenes.

ENGLISH: A couple of shots from the movie Guardians of Oz, where Gabby seems to wear nothing under her dress, because of an animation goof.
Thanks to the anonymous contributor for the pics.

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  1. Do you know any cartoons that have East Indian women in swimsuits?

  2. I don't know where to suggest images but there are several panty shots from cats don't dance

    1. Thanks for the reference.

      You can suggest things in the comment or write to my mail:

  3. Francine Smith appears in her bra and panties in the episode of American Dad called "Anchorfran".

  4. Do you know any blogs besides this one that have cartoon women/girls in swimsuits?

  5. has some cartoon women/girls in swimsuits.The show Kenny the shark has some swimsuits scenes but the videos uploaded so far all have 360p quality.

  6. There's a swimsuit scene in the magic school bus when they're learning about mussel's.I think the episode is called mussel beach.There's also a swimsuit scene from the show Blazing team.The episode name is muscle beach.