jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

Ingrid "Minx" Kruger, Phoebe "Rapture" Ashe, etc.

ESPAÑOL: Minx y Rapture en la playa, junto a otras chicas cuyo nombre no pude averiguar. Imágenes de la serie Jem, episodio "Un Cambio de Corazón".
Muchas gracias a Erik por la referencia.

ENGLISH: Minx and Rapture at the beach, along other girls whose names I could not find. Screenshots from the show Jem (aka Jem and The Holograms), episode "A Change of Heart".
Thanks a lot to Erik for the reference.

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  1. Hey I invited you to the panty shot blog but did I send it to the correct one? Is it Algando or Algando2 that you use?