viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Chica Anónima / Anonymous Girl

ESPAÑOL: Una joven cuyo camisón es bastante transparente y permite ver su ropa interior. Imágenes de la serie Break the Silence (una serie de cortos en contra de la explotación sexual de menores), episodio "Red Leaves Falling".

ENGLISH: A young woman with a see-through nightshirt and underwear. Screenshots from the show Break the Silence (a series of shorts against sexual abuse and exploitation of children). Episode "Red Leaves Falling".

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Well, like I said in your tumblr, this kind of animated shorts make me feel bad for the issue they denounce. I am just a collector of that kind of scenes in cartoons. I don't get any kind of joy or excitement with a character like that girl in a situation like that.

      Just wanted to make that clear.

    2. I don't remember getting that message, but thanks for clearing that up. Didn't know you were just doing this stuff as a job.

    3. More like a hobby, but yeah. It's like getting all the episodes of a show. You get the good ones and the bad ones.

  2. No la he visto la película, pero creo que tiene el mismo problema de muchos films denuncia que terminan exaltado lo que combaten.

    1. Creo que tienes razón. Y otros cortos de la serie son más explícitos.