sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Jen Masterson

ESPAÑOL: A Jen se le rompe el vestido y podemos ver algo de su intimidad. Imágenes de la serie Locos dieciséis, episodio "Los Destructores de Bodas".
Muchas gracias a José Tomás por la referencia. 

ENGLISH: Jen suffers from a wardrobe malfunction and we can see a pantyshot. Screenshots from the show 6teen, episode "The Wedding Destroyers".
Thanks a lot to José Tomás for the reference.

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  1. Hey, when you get the chance, could you post photos of some Wild Thornberries episodes? Thank you very much. Also, just in case you need some tips, here's some episodes where some of the family members are in towels or swimwear. In Dinner With Darwin, Eliza can be seen in a purple one-piece swimsuit. In You Otter know, Debbie can be seen in just a towel. In Forget me not and Time Flies, Eliza can seen in a green one piece swimsuit. Also, in Hello Dolphin, Both Eliza and Debbie are seen snorkeling with dolphins in swimsuits. Well, that's about it. I know this seems like a lot of info but just thought I'd help you out.

    1. Well, I never watched that show, but I will see what I can do. For the moment, I can tell you Eliza's mother will be present during Mother's Month (thanks to her presence in the Rugrats go Wild movie).